Anwendungen offene Zahnkranzantriebe

Based on its experience, LUBRILOG has developed a running-in process for large open gear drives, providing a maximum security and a long life.

After erection and setting-up of the drive (girth gear and pinions), LUBRILOG recommends proceeding in two steps for which specific products were developed.

Priming is the initial lubrication of the gear set. Immediately after the end of the mechanical settings a thick coat of specific and very sticky lubricant containing graphite is applied manually on the working flanks (with brush, without air inclusion, on the previously cleaned surfaces). All other teeth surfaces have to be covered as well, but in lower quantity.

Main functions of the initial impregnation are:

  • Avoiding corrosion.
  • Obtaining a perfect protection by forming an efficient lubricant film from the first teeth contacts (despite the initial surface states and the medium contact quality).
  • Assessing the running time loading in order to be able to correct mechanical settings if necessary.