Reinigung und Reparatur

For situations that might be dangerous for the good performance of the open gear drives, LUBRILOG has developed repair and cleaning products.

Repair or cleaning operations can be performed while operating, without production loss.

The repair lubricant, GRAFOLOG RPR (which has to be applied by a LUBRILOG specialist) is intended to eliminate some defects (scuffing, marks of foreign bodies, etc.) and to obtain a satisfying loading surface within a very short time.

This operation does not exempt from geometrical setting of the drive and should it be necessary it can be completed by a mechanical intervention at standstill (grinding).

The cleaning solvent, LUBRICLEAN EP has been developed for cleaning (in maximum 1 hour) large open gears exposed to very high abrasion (nature of the treated material, poor state of housing’s sealing). LUBRICLEAN EP can be applied as a preventive operation or before a maintenance shutdown.