Engine block components

Connectors can be electrical contacts or connections intended for fluid transmission. Electrical contacts allow an efficient power and signal broadcasting.

Lubricants involved in this concern must improve electrical contacts protection, have a high vapor tension to avoid any lubricants migration and be compatible with plastics and elastomers (mainly used for insulating material).


  • Low voltage or low amperage connectors
  • High tension electrical connectors (spark plug cups, wiring and coils)
  • Sensors and potentiometers
  • Commutators and micro-switches
  • Fluid and mechanical connectors
  • Brakes : Master cylinder cups, seals and diaphragm amplifiers, etc.
  • Starter
  • Turbo : connector clamps
  • Heat-air connection assembly
  • Engine gas management systems: EGR valves, throttle control, idle air actuators, etc.
  • CV joints
  • Wheel bearings
  • O-rings and lips seals treatment
  • Fuel hoses and injectors